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Mailchimp + Blog Help + More


Dru is a Senior VA by day, and an Artist, and Apothecarist by night. 


He can help you with newsletters, list building, blog posting/editing, Mailchimp, Aweber, Ontraport messages, sending contracts, canva graphics, administrative stuff, tedious stuff, Hootsuite, social media, transcribing from audio, transcribing hand written notes, Dropbox organizing, pdf design, and more. 

He uses TeamworkPM as his task/project management system and loves to help keep his clients organized.
Dru is my Admiral Chief of all things administration. He is incredibly organised, no people, more than your ordinary pirate. I am serious, the man is a genius. But it is more than that, way more. Dru is conscientious, He has managed to integrate his skills into my highly productive and creative chaos.

Dru is a dream to work with, honest, enthusiastic with an awesome sense of humour, I love that he can take what I hand him, a beautiful hot piece of creative goodness and whip into shape that not only looks beautiful but is delivered effortlessly to my clients. He is meticulous efficient, and to be perfectly honest has made my life so much easier.

You are welcome to borrow him but don’t even think about poaching him!! ;-) Nah, he’s so good we can all share.
— Dr. Cate Cole, Soul Doula, Mentor, Lawyer at
Dru’s services save me a mountain of a headache. He frees up the mental space I need to write. He always exceeds my expectations by delivering my work super fast and does a great job helping me be all over social media, even when I can’t be. Do I recommend Dru? Every. Damn. Day.
— Tania Dakka, Chief Ink Slinger/Copywriter at Badass'D Digital Ink
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